House Extensions Watford

Property extensions or house extensions can add space and value to your existing home in Watford. In the last few years, regulations about property extensions have been relaxed. Even the size limits for extensions have been relaxed. Most of these extensions now fall under permitted development and for some you may require planning permission. This is a great time for House Extensions Watford. Homeowners & landlords can increase the real estate value of their properties in Watford and we are here to make sure that you do it right. Residents of Watford are already benefiting from home extensions in Watford. Our qualified & experienced team can carry out all types of property extensions for you. Contact us on our registered number or through our website.

Before you decide which type of extension is most suitable for your property type and if it is affordable for you, let us briefly discuss your options.


This type of extension is usually common to Victorian or semi-detached houses. They utilize the otherwise wasted or under-utilized side alley of your house and save your garden space. These types of extensions enhance the appearance of your property, light up your back rooms, and save garden space. When done in the right way these types of property extensions do not require planning permission. The House Extensions Watford cost for this type is also not high. Let us know if you are interested in Side-Return-Extension for your house and we will provide you with a reasonable quote.

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A wrap-around extension is a combination of rear extension and side return extension. They are both connected and sort of wrapping your house, creating substantial space which can be used to extend your kitchen as well as living room space. This type of extension despite being simple is ideal for large families. Just like the side-return-extension this type also does not involve high cost. Invite us to your home if you are interested in this extension. Just like the side-return extension, the wrap-around extension may not require planning permission. If you want to know whether this type of extension is suitable for you then contact us. Our team will provide you with the perfect extension plan. 

  • Single Storey Rear Extension & Multiple story extension

Adding a storey or two is not as simple as the previous two types of extensions we have discussed. Adding a single story or more will provide you with an entire floor. You can dedicate this space to any type of room or room you want. This is highly suitable for families that have become bigger with time and there is not much space for everyone.

House Extensions Watford

These types of extensions usually require planning permission. They can add considerable real estate value to your properties. They are also costlier than the simple rear, side or wrap-around extensions. A technical and skilled team is required for planning and performing these extensions. Luckily, we have such a team. If you are interested in adding a storey or two, let our experts visit the site and come up with a reasonable quote.

Our Process

Contact us

If you believe it is time for you to carry out a property extension, get in touch with us. You can talk to our representative on our registered number or book an appointment online.

Site Visit

Our highly skilled team of experts will visit your property and listen to your aspirations, exchange ideas, give suggestions and together you can decide which type of extension suits your property.


Based on the type of extension you want, we will provide you with a quote that will be inclusive of all service charges and material costs.

Planning Permission

If the quote is acceptable to you, we will seek planning permission for the extension ( if required).

Technical Planning

Our team will prepare technical drawings which are required for executing the extension plan.

Project Initiation

After finalizing the technical drawings we will assign duties to all the personnel involved and work will commence. Our time will include highly skilled and experienced contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, etc. 

Our Watford team just like our House Extensions Watford team has been handpicked by us to ensure the highest level of quality & commitment. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or you are looking for a free quote.

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