House Extensions Ickenham

We are specialists when it comes to constructions services such as house extensions. From the planning stage to retrieving the planning permission, from drawing technical drawings to completing construction, our experienced team is equipped for all challenges. The raw material will also be procured by us. All you have to do is relax and wait. Contact us for house extensions Ickenham.

What are the benefits of house extension?

Home extensions in Ickenham can have multiple benefits. They can increase considerable space depending on the type of extension you carry out. You can increase your kitchen space, backrooms, living rooms, and you can conserve garden space. House extensions, when done properly, can also add to the real estate value of your property. If your family has grown in size and you need extra space, a house extension is a solution. Call us and get a house extensions Ickenham.

Our house extension services

We carry out all types of house extensions including, rear extensions, side return extensions, wrap-around extensions, single storey, and multiple storey extensions. Read below for our home extension Ickenham services.

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Types of house extensions we provide

Each type of extension has its pre-requisites and the cost of each varies depending on several factors. In a rear house extension, usable space will be added to the rear of your home. You will be able to extend your kitchen space or dining room space. You will also be able to save garden space. Your backrooms will also come underuse. It is the least costly of all types of extensions.

In a side return extension, your side alley is brought to use which was otherwise being wasted. Side return extension is also highly affordable in most cases.

When a side return extension is complimented with a rear extension, it is called a wrap-around extension. It adds a much larger space than the rear or side return extension. You can now use considerable space, extend your living space or your kitchen, use your garden and backrooms. This type of extension is costlier than side return and rear extension. Get a wrap-around house extensions Ickenham and call us today.

House Extensions Ickenham

The most expensive type of extension is when you want to add another storey to your home. Single storey extensions are usually carried out when you need a lot of space or when you want to give a boost to your estate value. You can even add more than one storey. The cost obviously will go on increasing with the number of storeys but now you will have an entire floor and you can build new rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or even your office. This type of extension requires planning permission and certain regulations need to be complied with when carrying out single or multiple storey extensions.

Why you should hire us

Skilled and Knowledgeable team

It is not just enough for an organization to be a construction company to provide you with house extensions. Many House Extensions in Ickenham require a high level of technical knowledge and therefore extensions should be carried out by qualified and well-experienced personnel. They should also know about the requirements of planning permission and the rights of homeowners under permitted development. Our skilled people will do their best to provide you with a house extension without the need for planning permission. Even if it is required, our team members will get the approval for you.

Affordable Services

Your house extension cost depends on several factors such as the type of extension, the additions you want to make in the form of rooms/bathrooms/kitchen, etc, the cost of raw material, and our service charges. Nevertheless, we have priced our services for affordability and we do our best to procure raw materials from the top vendors in the UK at discounted prices. We never compromise on quality, discounted prices do not imply that we acquire substandard raw material.

Get in touch with us

Contact us today for excellent house extension services. Call us on our registered number or contact us online. You can request a free site visit and a free quote. Our technical team will visit your site, analyze your entire site, write down your requirements, provide you with an estimate, and serve you on the booking date with which you have been provided.

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